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Electric Scooter Rentals live on Viator! Discover amazing things to do in Cluj-Napoca!


Riding an electric scooter is the most amazing experience for visiting a city pretty much in every season. What makes our service unique is the ability to visit many tourist venues from Cluj-Napoca in a very short period of time. The number one advantage of this service is represented by the “effort-free” tour. You just jump on our scooters and just ride along with us!

No driver’s license is required for our service, which makes it suitable for everybody – but we expect that you are at least 16 years old. We will freshen-up as we visit each of those places and at the same time relax at every one of them. So after the tour, we expect everybody to be as joyful as possible and satisfied by what they have seen and learned about Cluj-Napoca.

What can you expect from our amazing tour?

Our tours will start from Eroilor 32 (Cluj-Napoca) – the middle of the city. Our first stop will be in Unirii Square. Here the guests will be able to listen a short piece of history about Saint Michael’s Church as well as Matthias Corvinus Statue.

The next stop will be the Central Park -here we are going to show you all the central-park which is situated in an area of about 2 kilometers. We will sightsee:

  1. Central Park,
  2.  The Old Casino,
  3.  The Chios Lake,
  4.  Cluj-Arena Stadium.

Of course, we will give a historical briefing to each of these venues and we will relax a couple of minutes to sightsee the vibrant lake.

From Cluj-Arena we will ride along the small-Somes River which is a pleasure to see in the spring, summer and autumn time. From there we will ride towards the Cetatuie-Park and breath some fresh air!

Next, we will ride towards Iulius Mall Park, where we can take a pedal water boat and chill on the lake. From Iulius Mall Park we will ride towards the Avram Iancus’ Square – via Titulescu Boulevard, where we will explore the National Theatre building and the National Romanian Opera, the statue of Avram Iancu as well as the Assumptions Cathedral. Here the tour will end, and we will go back to our pick-up/drop-off point on Eroilor 32.


We expect that our electric ride tour will last about two hours and a half, and it will cover the main attractions in the city of Cluj-Napoca. Still, you are more than welcome to rent our scooters and make your own tour, we will be very open to help you choose the best destinations in Cluj Napoca!

We are looking forward to seeing you!